Artistic journey

Céline Calla is a self-taught contemporary painter.

Very early on, she was attracted to manual activities of all kinds, much more than to dolls. His father, an ingenious handyman, was then a resource to sharpen his curiosity and creativity. She accumulates objects and materials like treasures to bring them back to life and usefulness.


Then choosing the plastic arts course in high school, she met Claude Duport, painter and teacher. She develops her techniques in drawing and sketching, and discovers dry pastel, engraving? and especially acrylic paint. This material, conducive to spontaneity, has been its outlet for more than 20 years.


A graphic designer by training, she gradually turned to the human being and became a nursing assistant. The complexity of souls and the setbacks of life inspire her, her sensitivity guides her.

This intimate passion, she decides at the end of 2019 to share it publicly.


Acrylic allows him to follow the tree structure of his thoughts and emotions, their contradictions and their complementarities. The abstract does not impose a subject, the eye wanders without reference, the imagination takes over to personalize its reading.


“My painting is my language, which everyone can translate into.

My works

The canvas frames are of high quality, the edges are painted black and the whole is varnished in several layers to provide protection and shine.

Each canvas is signed and countersigned accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

While waiting for the online sale, you can find my paintings on the places of planned exhibitions or on the repertoire of contemporary artists of the house of artists.

Delivery is possible, plus postage.

Feel free to contact me for any further information.

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